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Inclusion is not an opportunity; it's a necessity!​

Our mission is to decolonize wellness and create brave spaces of healing for Black, Indigenous and Racialized People, through Conversation, Collaboration and Creativity.

Our vision is to decolonize wellness for an inclusive and restored society.

Who we are

The Colour Factor is a non-profit organization founded and governed by Black, Indigenous and Racialized Women with expertise in wellness education, peer support, social justice activism and social work. 

While personally experiencing living with mental health concerns, together we noticed a gap in navigating mental health services when it came to Black, Indigenous and Racialized representation. 

The foundation of our practices can be found in our 3 C’s; through open and honest Conversation, strong and strategic Collaborations and restorative expression through Creativity. 

Systemic racism is a fundamental and powerful determinant of health and social outcomes.  At The Colour Factor, our goal is to deconstruct, reimagine and decolonize wellness as well as unapologetically empower Black, Indigenous and Racialized People to authentically lead and reclaim their health and wellness in a culture of inclusivity and community care.

What the community is saying

  • "I've attended several wellness events in the community before, but nothing like yours! I really appreciated your unique format. I felt very welcomed, validated and heard."

    Tracy W.
    Executive Director, AB Printmakers
  • "Thank you for hosting the Colours of Crisis event! For once, I felt happy discussing BIPOC issues. Usually it's an emotionally draining conversation for me. I really enjoyed your approach. Thank you!"

    Sarah T.
    Attendee, The Colours of Crisis
  •  “I didn't have to explain anything. This is the power of space built for Black and racialized people. There is no need to over explain, no need to feel I have to educate about my sense of otherness.”

  • "This was such a beautiful experience, I would love to see more events like these offered in the community. Great work, thanks for the opportunity!"

    Sheetal T.
    Volunteer, Heart Work YYC

Connections Made


Number of Volunteers


Community Collaborations


of participants will use new learnings to break down mental health stigma
felt accepted and connected at workshops
shifted thinking around mental health and seeking support

What matters most


Empathy in action! We're not afraid to lean into discomfort with our guests because we've been there before ourselves.

Community of Care

The healing that occurs through connection that we as Black, Brown, Indigenous and Racialized folks thrive in, simply by being together in community.

Truth and Reconciliation

Revealing past wrongdoings in the hopes of resolving present conflict, to rebuild a better future.

Cultural Humility

A lifelong process of understanding each other's cultures helps us recognize each person's unique experiences. We strive to make our guests feel included, valued and validated when discussing their mental health and wellness.

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