Clothing Colour Guide

The clothing colour guide is a small paper print, clear to understand and light enough to be carried in your bag or your pocket. The Colour Guide is divided into sections:

  • How to wear your colour
    which explain what to wear near your face and what to avoid. Also what accessories, jewellery, make-up and nails colours to wear.
  • Your Neutral colours
    14 colours that are your main wardrobe essential colours which you can wear on a daily basis and which go with almost everything you wear. Your Suits, Coats, Blazer, Dresses, Tops, Belts, Shoes, Bags. The season after season colours.
  • Your trend colours
    24 colours that are seasonal fashionable colours . The trend colours go with your neutral colours.
  • Your additional colours
    8 extra colours that are lighter colours which will also suit you.
  • Your colour combination
    20 colours which will look great on you.

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